Our Cats


Agatha & Mabel

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Meet Agatha and Mabel, objectively cute year old cats. Agatha (of the black fur) is easily discernible because of her long kitten limbs. She uses them to bat, swat and stretch, the former most often when she has a teaser toy within her grasp. She loves a good stroke under...


Artemis & Athena

Female |Tuxedo |Domestic Short Hair |

Artemis is up for adoption with her bonded sister Athena. Like their Greek Goddess namesakes, they are spunky and love to play. Although they are a bit shy at first, they will quickly warm your heart. They get along well with other cats. Artemis and Athena are spayed, fully vaccinated and FIV/FeLV negative....


Audrey Hepburn

Female |Domestic Short Hair |

Little Audrey Hepburn is the only lucky survivor of her litter, the rest having been poisoned outside. She embodies a little bit of each of Audrey Hepburn's characters, starting with her funny face ;) Audrey is growing into a real lady, no longer a flower girl from the gutter. This sweetie...


Betty Betterlife

Female |Black and White |Domestic Medium Hair (short coat) |

Petite and fluffy Betty Betterlife appeared as if out of nowhere in Brooklyn backyard a few days after a trapping project. The vet thinks Betty is around 7 years old. Betty loves to be pet and to hang out with her people. She has a very loud, quirky personality even...



Male |Black and White |American Shorthair (short coat) |Senior

BooBoo is a friendly, big, and fluffy boy who adores sunny windowsills and soft blankets. He lost his home when his previous owner left town and dumped him at the city pound. Thankfully, a kind volunteer reached out to us for help, and BooBoo was wisked to a foster home...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

This is one chill cat, comfortable with everyone - Burton is your go-to guy.  He was the mayor of his housing projects, friend to man and beast, everyone knew and loved him - children, dogs, and other cats. He was just too sweet to be left outside - he deserves...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Busta is a relaxed, affectionate and playful guy. He lived with young kids and other cats in a previous home and enjoyed spending time with all of them. Busta would love to be adopted into a home with another friendly cat. He is a professional head butter (which is why...


Charlie & Felix

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Charlie and Felix are best friends and brothers who are a little over a year old. Charlie doesn't have a mean bone in his body - his foster mom says that he is the sweetest cat she's ever met! He sneaks into bed in the morning to cuddle and ask...


Charlie Brown

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

Are you in need of a typist? How about just a keyboard warmer? May we recommend Charlie Brown, the tabby with the good paws. Charlie likes to be involved in whatever his people are doing, although it's not too hard to bribe him with a handful of treats. Charlie is...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Chewy is a handsome ginger who is almost two years old. He's a lap kitty who loves lots of attention and lounging on his cat tree. He gets along well with other cats, but as long as he  gets lots of love and attention, he's fine by himself. Chewy is...



Domestic Short Hair |

Dexter lived in an East Harlem store, until one day, they decided to literally kick him out. Luckily, a kind-hearted young woman walking by saw them pushing Dexter out using a broom - yes, a broom!  She saw how he kept trying to go back inside and realized that she...


Disco & Dora

Domestic Short Hair |

Disco and Dora are chunky lapcats who are looking for a quiet home for some cuddling and relaxing. They like to hang out with each other and with their favorite humans. They play when the time is right, but otherwise prefer to chill and snooze. Disco and Dora would love to...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Medium Hair (medium coat) |Adult

Elvis is a  friendly house cat that I found abandoned in a desolate area during January's record blizzard. Elvis is distinctive in that --Not only is he a laid back cat he does not scratch furniture or cat scratchers!!!!!  He is a big teddy bear.  He loves to be picked up...


Errol "Eyeroll" Arrow

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Arrow "Eyeroll" the Owl is an odd little cat. Although at first she pretends to be tough, she quickly cuddles close and has the loudest purr ever heard in Brooklyn. Arrow is a major foodie and uses her bizarre roar / meow / scary quack to demand snacks whenever she...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Evie is a chatty and petite kitty with soft black fur and big green eyes. While she is shy around strangers, she is a loving cat who adores attention. Evie wants to sleep next to you every night, and is very talkative when treats are involved! She also loves catnip,...



Male |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Felipe is the ultimate lap hog - we've never known a cat so determined to claim a lap and snuggle down! He is also somewhat playful when not focused on cuddling. Felipe is fine with other cats, but probably wouldn't mind being on his own provided he has enough human attention....



Male |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Cross eyed Ferdinand the Bull is quite the character. Although it's hard to tell exactly who or what he is looking at, he LOVES to play, wrestle and hang out with his favorite cats and people. Ferdinand definitely needs to be adopted into a home with a young and playful...



Male |Gray |Domestic Short Hair |

Garfunkel is a thoughtful and handsome gentleman. Changes are stressful for him and have inspired periods of hibernation, but once he feels safe, he enjoys hanging out with and near his friends. He loves to stare out the window and contemplate life. Garfunkel would be overjoyed to be adopted with...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

**COURTESY LISTING** We saved Gus when he was 8 weeks old. Aside from currently being medicated for a UTI, he is healthy, has all his shots and is neutered. He's super independent and loves to just hang out, but he's also very social and loves it when friends/family come over....



Female |Tuxedo |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Hedwig is a very playful and silly kitten. She is initially shy when meeting new people, but she can be easily won over with some toys or a tasty treat. She is very affectionate to her people and her cat pals. Hedwig needs to be adopted into a home with...



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Ichiro is a gentle and loving 6-month-old tabby. He likes to be pet and will immediately purr up a storm. Ichiro enjoys chasing cat toys, bothering his adult foster brother and hanging out next to his human. Ichiro would love to be adopted into a home with a playful, young cat...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Rescued as a frightened starving feral kitten in a back alley on Halloween in 2015, Jack took a long time to trust his human friends, but is now chief headbutt-er and kitchen supervisor at his foster location! An enthusiastic investigator and hunter, he also likes cat toys, cardboard boxes, and...



Female |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Jade is an affectionate, sweet natured and beautiful young cat. She can be silly and playful, but is generally found relaxing. She enjoys spending time with people, other cats and really likes dogs. Jade would love to be adopted with her sister Lavender....



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Jiro is a cuddly and playful 6-month-old tabby. He likes to be pet and held and will immediately purr up a storm. When you are watching TV, he likes to sit on your lap. When you go to the kitchen, he will follow you and see if he can help....


Karla Kastle

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Karla Kastle was found emaciated and sick on the street in Flatbush.  She was in such bad shape that vets initially thought she was ten years old! After a few months of TLC and a visit to the cardiologist, we learned that Karla is only a couple years old and...


Kitney Houston

Female |Calico or Dilute Calico |Calico / Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat) |Adult

Kitney Houston is a small, seven-year old domestic short hair with beautiful calico coloring. She hails from Brooklyn, where she was adopted three years ago.  Unfortunately, Kitney's owner could no longer keep her and asked a friend to care for her. She is incredibly sweet and friendly with people but she prefers...



Female |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Lassie is a sweet and chatty cat who thinks she's a dog - she even wags her tail when she's happy! This affectionate and adorable girl is looking for a home all to herself or with an easygoing cat roommate....



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Young

Lavender is a sweet, affectionate and beautiful young cat. She likes to frolick and play, but  is also very calm and likes to relax and chill. She enjoys spending time with people, other cats and really likes dogs. Lavender would love to be adopted with her sister Jade....



Female |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Look at beauty Leila, mother extraordinaire, who was rescued from an abandoned church in Brooklyn with her four kittens! All of her kittens have now been adopted and Leila sits and ponders when her forever family is coming!! She is a little shy, but snuggles with her foster family and...



Male |White |Domestic Short Hair |

Friendly Lionel was found wandering the streets of East Flatbush, desperate for human attention and somewhere safe to stay. Clearly not used to being outside or fending for himself, this lucky guy found a nice lady who brought him inside. He had already been neutered, so we think he was...



Male |Black (Mostly) |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Young

Lito is a friendly, chatty, and playful cat who adores everyone! His favorite activities are chasing his toys, hanging out on top of his favorite cat tree, and snuggling with his humans. He would love to live in a social household, and have another active male kitty or cat-loving dog to...



Female |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Luna is a lovebug looking for a home with her former roommate Sophia. Luna enjoys cuddling, resting and sunbathing. Luna plays when the time is right, but she's more of a #netflixandchill kind of girl. Luna is very affectionate to people, good with other cats and doesn't mind dogs. ...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair / Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Sweet and affectionate Maddie was found in a backyard with her two kittens. This tiny young lady would be happy in a home all to herself where she can shower you with all of her love and affection. Maddie is around a year old, fully vaccinated and spayed. She has some...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Outgoing and affectionate Mahjong is a gorgeous all black cat with the sweetest personality. She is tolerant with other cats, but we think she would prefer to have people all to herself. Mahjong has a crinkly ear due to an aural hematoma, but it doesn't require any additional care and...



Male |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Soft, gentle lap cat seeking long term relationship with cuddly human. My name is Marley and I am tired of an endless series of casual meetings with strangers. I am ready to settle down in a stable, forever home and devote myself to one or two good people. I am five...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Masumi is a very sweet but shy girl, who just loves to play, explore, and investigate! While she does not completely trust humans yet, a patient soul who can give her space and time will soon win her over, especially if you have some fresh chicken to share! Her big...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

McGregor is a gentle soul with a complicated past. Found wandering lost and scared past the cafe in the fall, McGregor was in desperate need of major dental surgery and since then has been recovering and coming out of his shell at his foster home. McGregor needs a patient and...



Male |Gray |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

Mishka wandered into a Bed Stuy TNR project already neutered! The mayor of the block, he's a big affectionate boy with an even bigger personality who is ready for his first real home. He is a real lap cat, a superb kisser, and a little handsy. Because he's such an...


Mr. Handsome

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Interested in giving this big lovable lug a home? Mr. Handsome was brought in from his colony to receive medical attention for a bite wound. Friendly with his caretaker outside, he was afraid of strangers. The plan was to treat the wound, allow it to heal, and return him to...


Muffin & Cupcake

Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |

**COURTESY LISTING**  Meet Muffin (F) and Cupcake (M). These siblings were rescued while doing a TNR project in Bayridge. They have blossomed into perfect companions. Muffin is a perfect little lady, a real lap kitty! Cupcake is a boy's boy who is silly and loves to play and will always...


Nakia & Okoye

Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Nakia and Okoye are the perfect pair of panther sisters. Nakia is all black with very unique fur (used to be curly, now just super soft) and looks sort of like a little bat - her foster describes her as a spooky Halloween kitty. Okoye has bits of white on...


Old Pete

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Old Pete is a playful and handsome chipmunk...er, we mean kitten. Rescued as very young and sick kitten from the city shelter with a horrible eye infection, this little guy spent several weeks in a cone getting constant medication. Now that he's older and healthy, he enjoys rambunctious wrestling with...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Oreo was initially rescued by a young man in East Harlem, but his family can no longer keep him. He’s approximately 6 years old, and plays like a teenager who is very affectionate with his human friends! This opposite tuxedo is a real charmer, with his black and white reverse...


Patrick Henry

Male |Orange |Domestic Short Hair |Young

An incredibly sweet and shy orange tabby boy, Patrick Henry enjoys strokes and attention. He enjoys playing, being pet, and watching the action around him – as well as jumping in for a good game of soccer amongst his kitty pals. Patrick is somewhat introverted, but not skittish or fearful and would thrive...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Snuggly Pigwidgeon is looking for a new cuddle buddy. This sweet little tabby likes to play, explore - and most of all, curl up with a good friend (pictured here with her foster brother), or burrowing under your legs and falling asleep. Pig can be a bit shy at first,...



Female |Tortoiseshell |Tortoiseshell |

Quatro is a quirky, fearless, little tortie that is a constant source of entertainment and fun. She loves to wrestle and chase play with toys or whatever is available. When she finally tires out, she looks for an available lap to fall asleep on, but if there isn't one available,...



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Gentle and loving, Roosevelt wandered in and never left. He will climb right onto your lap and give you a big bear hug. He will tuck you in at night and make sure he purrs you to sleep. And while you are working, he will play with his catnip toys...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Sasha is a sweet, gentle soul with gorgeous green eyes and shiny jet black fur. Sasha would like to be adopted either with her true love, Suzy BQE. Sasha has rather severe food allergies that are very easy to manage now that we know what works for her....


Scarlett O'Hara

Female |Tuxedo |Tuxedo (short coat) |Adult

Scarlett was rescued from a deli basement in Ditmas Park. She's an adorable small tuxedo girl with enormous green eyes and soft fur. She is quite affectionate and helps her foster mother study by napping at her side or in her lap. She can also be independent; like her namesake,...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat) |Adult

Who wants to play??!! Well, I am Sebastian and I will play with anyone and (almost) anything! I also having amazing jumping abilities — probably from the part Bengal in me — and can pull down any wand toy, no matter how high you swing it!I am 3 1/2 years...



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Simon is a handsome and confused sweetheart. He can be a bit shy at first, but loves to be near the action. He is obsessed with laser pointers (and any sort of light reflection) and puts on quite a show. At times he's very playful and active with toys, at...



Female |White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Snowball is an adorable white cat with beautiful green eyes. Snowball would prefer to be a single cat, but she would be able to adjust to being with another cat who gives her space. Very intelligent, Snowball is cuddly but also knows how to give you space if you work...



Female |Tuxedo |Domestic Long Hair (long coat) |Senior

Sweet and fluffy Sophia is looking for a new home with her former roommate Luna. Sophia loves spending time with her favorite people, hanging with her BFF Luna, and finding comfortable places to rest....



Female |Calico or Dilute Calico |Domestic Short Hair |

Summer is a stunning 6-month-old little lady who is super affectionate and loving. All she wants is to sit on your lap and enjoy some petting sessions. She loves to throw herself on the ground and show her belly to let you know "Hey! It's time to pet me." She...


Suzy BQE

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Sweet and shy Suzy BQE was rescued off the BQE (see how clever we are with names?) last year and required emergency and extensive surgery. Suzy is very shy, but loves to be pet on her own terms and is head over heels for her BFF, Sasha. Suzy has the...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |

T’Challa is an incredibly friendly kitten who loves to follow his human around. His three favorite hang out spots are his human’s chest, stomach and lap. He’s always ready to snuggle and give you tons of kisses. T'Challa can be adopted into a home with another young and playful kitten...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Senior

Tiger is a sweet and affectionate 11 year old handsome fellow. He prefers a quiet home (no kids or rowdy animals, please) and would love to curl up right next to you and watch some good (or bad) TV. His fosters say that Tiger meets them at the door every...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Gorgeous Toesey is a friendly and outgoing black cat with two white toes and a locket on her chest. She enjoys spending time with her favorite humans and sunbathing in the window. She wouldn't mind being an only cat, but would also be fine as a companion to a friendly...



Female |Tuxedo |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Tootsie is giant lovebug looking for a home of her own! This 3 year old tuxedo is large and in charge and loves to chirp, roll and headbutt. Tootsie can tolerate other cats, but she would be so much happier to be your one and only....


Tootsie Roll

Female |Domestic Short Hair / Tuxedo |Young

Tootsie Roll was rescued from an abandoned house in Far Rockaway and is loving indoor life. She is a bit shy at first, but once in your lap, she has the loudest purr in all the land and will lounge on you or snuggle in your arms. She loves other...



Male |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Trusty is a true gentleman - and also a major snuggler. At eight years old, this brown and white tabby enjoys curling up on and next to his favorite humans. Trusty would be happy to be your one and only, but doesn't mind other calm cats....



Female |Calico or Dilute Calico |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

This little chubby tabico gem was found crying under a car in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  While doing a TNR project, we spotted Vivienne crying and crouching under a car, clearly in distress. Refusing to come out for a trap, she simply stayed under the car crying, as if to say, "Help...



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Baby

Waffles is an adorable kitten with lots of playful energy and a great big heart. He loves to groom and play with other cats and takes the responsibility of caregiving very seriously. When he's curled in your lap, each breath is a purr of happiness. Waffles needs to be adopted into...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Willow is a super friendly cat who was discovered abandoned in Brooklyn last year. She is a quiet mellow cat who would rather lay on the couch with you than play. She does not scratch on furniture and is litter trained. She would be great in a home with children...



Male |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

Charming Wolverine wants to be the king of his own castle. This handsome and charismatic fellow is prefers to be the center of attention and therefore is seeking a home as a single cat. Wolverine enjoys cuddling, looking out the window, and contemplating his good looks....



Male |White (Mostly) |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Young

Playful Yuki is a little over a year, but is still full of kitten! He is skittish of meeting new people, but loves all cats and would like to go to a home with at least one other playful cat and patient people who will help him get comfortable....



Male |Black |Domestic Short Hair |

Zeus is a lover! He is the perfect lap cat and enjoys snuggles with his foster mom and playing with his sisters. Initially named for the all powerful Greek God, this black beauty is actually gentle as can be and loves snuggles. Zeus can be adopted into a home with...