Our Cats



Female |Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Little Miss Ada is quite a character! She has beauty (have you noticed her little white paws), charm (so popular at the cafe) and is so playful! Ada needs to be adopted with an active playmate (such as her friends Quatro or Dexter)....


Agatha & Mabel

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Meet Agatha and Mabel, objectively cute year old cats. Agatha (of the black fur) is easily discernible because of her long kitten limbs. She uses them to bat, swat and stretch, the former most often when she has a teaser toy within her grasp. She loves a good stroke under...



Domestic Short Hair |

Meet Andy, the hugger! If there’s a lap, he’s on it. If there’s a hug involved, so much the better. From a home facing eviction because of too many unaltered animals, Andy prefers a home with another cat or dog and is great with children. Come meet him, but be...


Bam Bam

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Bam Bam is a really special guy. It's not just his good looks and uncanny ability to cat-loaf. It's not even his raspy meow, heard most often when dinner is delivered a bit later than he would like. No, the specialness of this large and handsome tabby lies in his...


Bella the Boy

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Bella is a very special guy. Not just because he likes to wear sweaters or because he rocks one of the most popular female pet names. And it’s not even his origin story, although that’s a good one: Bella was rescued several years ago, totally emaciated, from a playground in...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

This is one chill cat, comfortable with everyone - Burton is your go-to guy.  He was the mayor of his housing projects, friend to man and beast, everyone knew and loved him - children, dogs, and other cats. He was just too sweet to be left outside - he deserves...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Busta is a professional headbutter. He's affectionate to his people and enjoys to sit on ALL the laps - and computer keyboards, newspapers, homework, etc. Although he previously lived with other cats, it seems that Busta has decided that he'd like to be adopted as a single cat. This mush is...


Cecil & Ollie

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Cecil & Ollie are four year old bonded boys looking for a home together. Although not brothers, they grew up together in perfect harmony. They are friendly and affectionate, great with children and other cats and will love you as much as they do one another. Ollie is larger with...


Charlie & Felix

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Young

Charlie and Felix are best friends and brothers who are a little over a year old. Charlie doesn't have a mean bone in his body - his foster mom says that he is the sweetest cat she's ever met! He sneaks into bed in the morning to cuddle and ask...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

Cookie is a monster of love and affection with a cute button nose. She enjoys playing and chasing her cat friends around, snuggling with humans and hanging out in boxes. Cookie would love to be adopted into a home with another playful, young cat or with one of her pals...


Deloris Van Cartier

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Deloris was rescued by nuns outside of a monastery in Brooklyn (really, we couldn't make this up) with her newborn kittens Eddie and Sister Mary Clarence. Deloris can be a bit shy, but she loves to lurk near the action. It's unclear if there's a bit of chimpunk in her...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Dennie is a petite and silly tabby with a chipmunk face. Dennie was a teen mom (under a year old) rescued with her adorable baby Hammie when their original owner was at risk of eviction due to too many animals. Denny was a very attentive mom, but now she is ready to...


Dorian & Chickie

Female |Calico or Dilute Calico |Domestic Short Hair |

Dorian and her sister Chickie were rescued from a backyard colony in Brooklyn, in need of vet care, a warm bed, nutritious food and some loving! Both have made incredible strides - they are healthy, playful and learning to trust humans. They must be adopted as a pair. These sisters...



Male |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Dusty is a five month old playful kitten looking for a home with his sister and best friend, Mickey. Dusty is extremely outgoing and enjoys non-stop playing and cuddling with anyone available. He takes good care of his shyer sister, Mickey, and they must be adopted together....


Elizabeth McCord

Female |Gray |Domestic Short Hair |

Looking to bring world peace into your home? Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is looking for a new position. She's grey, gorgeous and ready for some hardcore diplomacy. Elizabeth is calm and collected and would love to be adopted with her partner, Henry, but would also be available to create an...


Emmy & Linus

Female |Gray |Domestic Short Hair |Young

5 month old Emmy and Linus are the sweetest pair of little lap kitties. Linus (black) is a total goof who will bounce all over the place, flip around in wild abandon in your lap, and put his paws on your shoulder to get close to your face. He looks...



Male |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Ernie and his brother Bert (already adopted) were trapped in a discarded backyard in Sunset Park when they were 7 weeks old. While he is shy around strangers, he becomes really sweet once he is comfortable around you. He likes to sit on his foster's lap and ask for petting....


Guy Fieri

Male |White (Mostly) |Domestic Short Hair |

Welcome to Flavor Town! We've got our very own Guy Fieri and he is ready to spice up your life. Unlike the celebrity chef, our Guy is a quiet and mellow gentleman, always ready for a belly rub or head scritch. He doesn't mind other cats, but his hobbies of...



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Have you met Heidi? This 8 year old lovebug was left behind when her owner passed away and she was in bad shape - not only did she need an eye removed, but she hadn't yet been spayed! She's now feeling much better and available for cuddles at the cafe....


Henry McCord

Male |Gray |Domestic Short Hair |

Henry McCord is a thoughtful and dashing two year old grey cat (who may or may not work for the CIA). Henry is very ethical and always seeks the most reasonable solution in any situation. He would love to be adopted with his partner, Elizabeth, but wouldn't mind settling down...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Petite and pretty Honie Pie is looking for a cozy new home. She can be a bit shy at first, but give her some time and she will be ready to cuddle up with you. Honie seems to be okay with a friend or on her own. Honie has tested...



Male |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Friendly Huckleberry is quick to cuddle and play. He is quick to trust new people and feel comfortable in new environments - it won't take him long to explore a new home and jump onto laps for attention. Huckleberry is very playful and tolerates other cats although he may do...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Rescued as a frightened starving feral kitten in a back alley on Halloween in 2015, Jack took a long time to trust his human friends, but is now chief headbutt-er and kitchen supervisor at his foster location! An enthusiastic investigator and hunter, he also likes cat toys, cardboard boxes, and...


Joey, Jordan & Johnny

Male |Orange |Domestic Short Hair |

The New Kits on the Block are ready to rock your world! Four month old brothers Joey, Jordan and Johnny are adorable, playful purr machines. Curious Joey (all orange tabby) is the athlete and adventurer of the group, quick to explore and conquer all toys and furniture, but equally quick...


Karla Kastle

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Karla Kastle was found emaciated and sick on the street in Flatbush.  She was in such bad shape that vets initially thought she was ten years old! After a few months of TLC and a visit to the cardiologist, we learned that Karla is only a couple years old and...



Female |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Lassie is a sweet and chatty cat who thinks she's a dog - she even wags her tail when she's happy! This affectionate and adorable girl is looking for a home all to herself or with an easygoing cat roommate....


Lou Reed

Male |Orange and White |Domestic Long Hair |

Lou Reed is sweet, friendly and snuggly fluffy fellow. He greets you when you come home, or when he wakes up, with a head bump or, most adorably, a little pat with his paw. He will sometimes tell you when he’s hungry with a tiny meow, but mostly communicates with purring,...



Female |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Young and playful Lucy is a loving and careful mother of three silly kittens. Rescued from the streets of Brooklyn when her babies were newborns, Lucy is enjoying the opportunity to be a kitten again herself. Since Lucy is only around a year old, she would love to be adopted...


Luna & Max

Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |

Luna Lovegood and her BFF Max are snuggly and playful young cats looking for a home together. Luna (black) is a snuggly, playful and gorgeous year old kitten. She adores people, playing with anything and everything. Luna is truly a gem -- she has won over the hearts of every...



Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Macaroni is a nine month playful and silly kitten. He is shy at first with new people, but always very interested in whatever is going on. He is also completely obsessed with every toy and can't resist leaping at anything that is dangled his way. Macaroni hasn't had much experience...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair / Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Sweet and affectionate Maddie was found in a backyard with her two kittens. This tiny young lady would be happy in a home all to herself where she can shower you with all of her love and affection. Maddie is around a year old, fully vaccinated and spayed. She has some...



Female |Tortoiseshell |Domestic Short Hair |

Madonna was rescued from a neglectful hoarding situation. She is outgoing and relaxed and makes friends quickly. Nothing seems to bother this pretty tortie, and her social, loving nature makes her a perfect companion to both people and other cats. She would love to be adopted with one of her long-time BFFs!...



Male |Black |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Soft, gentle lap cat seeks long term relationship with cuddly human. My name is Marley and I am tired of an endless series of casual meetings with strangers. I am ready to settle down in a stable, forever home and devote myself to one or more good people. I am seven...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Masumi is a very sweet but shy girl, who just loves to play, explore, and investigate! While she does not completely trust humans yet, a patient soul who can give her space and time will soon win her over, especially if you have some fresh chicken to share! Her big...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Sweet Maxine is a five year old tabby ready to cuddle, purr and play. She loves to hang with her people and adores attention. She likes to be picked up and carried around. Maxine has never lived with other cats so we think that she would do better alone. Maxine...



Male |Orange and White |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

McGregor is a gentle soul with a complicated past. Found wandering lost and scared past the cafe in the fall, McGregor was in desperate need of major dental surgery and since then has been recovering and coming out of his shell at his foster home. McGregor needs a patient and...



Female |Black and White |Domestic Short Hair |

Mickey is a five month old playful kitten looking for a home with her brother and best friend, Dusty. Mickey is a bit shy at first, but very affectionate once she is comfortable. Please note that she must be adopted with her brother, Dusty....


Mr. Cherry

Orange |Domestic Short Hair |

Mr. Cherry was happily rescued from a neglectful hoarding situation. He is a gentle mush who loves attention, and his sweet disposition makes him a great companion to both people and other cats. He welcomes all new friends and is frequently spotted at the cafe with one or two other cats cuddling on...


Nia & Ginger Ninja

Female |Orange (Mostly) |Domestic Short Hair |

Need a little trouble in your life? Look no further than 4 month old Ginger Ninja and his sister Nia! This dynamic duo loves to play hard, wrestle harder, and then cuddle like there's no tomorrow. Ninja and Nia's mom Gilly was rescued, extremely pregnant, from Far Rockaway, and gave...



Female |Orange |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Nintendo is a gentle who is blossoming with human kindness. She was rescued from a neglectful hoarding situation and is really enjoying her new life. She is a great companion to both people and other cats and would love to be adopted with one of her long-time BFFs or as...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Pretty Pistachio was a hard working mama cat for years! She lived at Brooklyn Heights bodega and was matriarch of a long lineage of adorable kittens -- until the bodega owners FINALLY allowed us to rescue her and her children. Pistachio is now spayed and looks forward to never giving...



Male |Orange |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

It was definitely a missed opportunity not naming this sweet guy Winnie the Pooh! Nine year old Pluto came to us from the city shelter, where he was surrendered by his owner who had him since he was two months old. He took this change in stride and immediately enjoyed...


Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |

Magical Sabrina is an eight month old beauty with shiny black fur and an itch for adventure. She loves to play with her friends (including Salem + Zelda), but perhaps even more, she enjoys perching on shoulders. Sabrina is a major snugglemuffin with a few charms up her sleeves. Sabrina...



Male |Black |Domestic Short Hair |

Salem is a friendly and frisky six month old jet black kitten. He is playful and cuddly and gets along with every person and cat that he meets. Salem would love to be adopted as a companion kitty, with his sister Zelda or their friend Sabrina. Salem is currently making magic at the...


Scarlett O'Hara

Female |Tuxedo |Tuxedo (short coat) |Adult

Scarlett was rescued from a deli basement in Ditmas Park. She's an adorable small tuxedo girl with enormous green eyes and soft fur. She is quite affectionate and helps her foster mother study by napping at her side or in her lap. She can also be independent; like her namesake,...


Stripes & Swirls

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |

Stripes and Swirls were found in Brooklyn along with both of their litters of young kittens. These beautiful young tabbies (between 1-2 years old) may be sisters, mother and daughter, or just really good friends. They were co-moms to their many kittens in the cafe kitten terrarium, but now that...


Suzy BQE

Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Sweet and shy Suzy BQE was rescued off the BQE (see how clever we are with names?) last year and required emergency and extensive surgery. Suzy is very shy, but loves to be pet on her own terms. Suzy has the softest fur and hops around like a bunny. She...



Female |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

"Lay all your love on me!" Tikka is a 6 month old super trooper tabby kitten. Born in a trap over the summer to a very young and malnourished mom found in Flatbush, Tikka is the only survivor of her litter. Although petite for her age, she is healthy, energetic...



Female |Tuxedo |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Adult

Tootsie is giant lovebug looking for a home of her own! This 3 year old tuxedo is large and in charge and loves to chirp, roll and headbutt. Tootsie can tolerate other cats, but she would be so much happier to be your one and only....


Totes MaGotes

Male |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair |

What does a cat rescuer do when they encounter a friendly, stray cat on the only day there are no available carriers? Why, stick the super sweet cat (and his open can of stinky fish food) in a tote bag of course...and then name him Totes MaGotes! (P.S. this is...



Male |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Trusty is a true gentleman - and also a major snuggler. At eight years old, this brown and white tabby enjoys curling up on and next to his favorite humans. Trusty would be happy to be your one and only, but doesn't mind other calm cats....



Female |Calico or Dilute Calico |Domestic Short Hair |

Wall-E was living in several backyards in Bedstuy when she gave birth to four kittens. While we were trying to trap her, silly Wall-E got scared and carried one of her babies behind a wall, requiring us to smash the wall slightly to save the kitten...so how could we not...


Winston Churchill

Male |Brown Tabby |Domestic Short Hair |Adult

Winston Churchill can be a bit of a crybaby. Don't get us wrong, he can also be calm and collected, but did you know that Mr. Churchill hates to be in a carrier? He would much prefer to be cuddled, admired or played with. Winston was found outside a Fort...



Male |Gray and White |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |

Charming Wolverine wants to be the king of his own castle. This handsome and charismatic fellow is prefers to be the center of attention and therefore is seeking a home as a single cat. Wolverine enjoys cuddling, looking out the window, and contemplating his good looks....



Male |White (Mostly) |Domestic Short Hair (short coat) |Young

Playful Yuki is a little over a year, but is still full of kitten! He is skittish of meeting new people, but loves all cats and would like to go to a home with at least one other playful cat and patient people who will help him get comfortable....



Female |Black |Domestic Short Hair |

Zelda is a six month old snuggly and playful jet black kitten. She gets along with every person and cat that she meets and she would love to be adopted as a companion kitty, with her brother Salem or their friend Sabrina. She is currently making magic at the Brooklyn Cat...